Common Questions

Where can I find my PIN?

Find a PIN inside EVERY Buy-Low Foods Win Big Giveaway Game Ticket.

PIN's are 8-digit Alpha-numeric codes (Format: AB1234CD). Here is an example of where your PIN is located on your Buy-Low Foods Win Big Giveaway game tickets:

If you have a PIN, click here!

Why am I getting a CSRF token message?

This problem usually occurs when the web browser on your computer is outdated.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Download an up to date web browser. We suggest either:
    Google Chrome
    Or Mozilla Firefox
  2. Follow the instructions in either of those links to install the browser on your computer.
  3. In your new web browser, go to www.buylowwinbig.com and click on Sign Up to create an account or if you have already signed up.
    If you are still having issues, please email us at gamemaster@buylowwinbig.com.

How do I sign up for the contest?

To sign up for the contest, simply click Sign Up and complete all required information on the registration form.

I don’t have an email address, how do I sign up?

There are many free email services available on the Internet. We recommend Microsoft Outlook or Gmail. Follow the links to set up a new email account.

Can I use the same email address for more than one account?

No, each account requires a unique email address. See common questions about getting a free email account.

I’ve forgotten my password, what should I do?

Click here to reset your password. If you are still having issues, email us at gamemaster@buylowwinbig.com.

How can I change my contact information (phone number, email etc.)?

You can change your account information by clicking here. If you have any issues you can contact us at gamemaster@buylowwinbig.com

How do I remove myself from the contest?

To remove yourself from the click here. Note: all of your entries will be removed.

How do I get a game ticket?

Get a game ticket every time you visit your Buy-Low Foods store from January 6 to February 16, 2019. PLUS, earn bonus game tickets with every $25 spent!

How do I get a game ticket without making a purchase?

You can obtain a Game Ticket without making a purchase by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope to "Buy-Low Foods Win Big Giveaway”, c/o P.O. Box 3009, M.I.P., Markham, ON L3R 6G4”. Limit: one Game Ticket per request; one request per outer mailing envelope, one request per day. Requests must be postmarked on or before February 9, 2019 and received on or before February 16, 2019. No mechanically reproduced or computer-generated requests allowed.

I am having problems entering my PIN

PIN’s are 8-digit Alpha-numeric codes (Format: AB1234CD), please check to see you entered the PIN format correctly. If you receive a message that your PIN has already been entered, please click on the ACCOUNT tab to check if you have already entered your PIN. If you are still having issues, please email us at gamemaster@buylowwinbig.com.

How do I know if I’m an online winner?

If you have entered one of the Instant Win PINs, you will see on screen that you have won and will then be directed to our online contest release form. If you are drawn for our Grand Prize, you will be contacted by the email or phone number associated with your account. For any questions, you can contact us at gamemaster@buylowwinbig.com.

What is a captcha?

A captcha is a security feature on our web page. When you click on the box that says “I’m not a robot,” some images will appear. Click on the images that correspond to the question above the pictures.

Why is my account locked?

Your account has been automatically locked because you made too many incorrect attempts to enter a PIN. Please email us at gamemaster@buylowwinbig.com to request your account to be unlocked. Please note, if your account is locked again because of too many incorrect PIN attempts, it will remain locked and you will be disqualified from the promotion.

Do I need to keep my game tickets once I have entered my PIN?

No, once you have entered your PIN online, you may discard your game ticket. You can view your PIN entries under the ACCOUNT tab.

What are some important dates to remember?

  • Last day to get game tickets in store: February 16, 2019
  • Last day to enter your PINs: February 19, 2019
  • Last day to submit Enter to Win ballots: February 19, 2019
  • Last day to redeem any instant prizes or discounts: March 2, 2019

Can’t find your answer?

We’re here to help!

Click on the button below to send your question to our Customer Service Team, or use the email address below to submit your request and we will get back to you shortly.

You can also email us at: gamemaster@buylowwinbig.com or mail your request to:

Buy-Low Foods Win Big Giveaway

c/o P.O. Box 3009, M.I.P.

Markham, ON

L3R 6G4.

No purchase necessary. Contest is open to all legal residents of Canada (except residents of the province of Quebec) who are of the age of majority. Void elsewhere and where prohibited. Contest starts January 6, 2019 and ends February 16, 2019. For complete rules, prize details, odds, entry and eligibility requirements, or how to receive a ticket without purchase, see Official Rules.